Avishkar Agro Technology LLP

Avishkar Agro Technology Pvt Ltd was established in 2014 by a group of friends with diverse backgrounds: a pharmacist, an agricultural engineer with experience in dairy and food sector, a doctor and  a farmer.
In 2017, Mr M A Tejani of GITS with almost five decades of experience in food industry joined us.
We converted to a Limited Liability Partnership with a view to set processing plants for Edible Nuts and Raisins.

Our Team:

Mr Chandangouda Patil
(An engineer with over two decades of experience in food industry mainly in dairy and raisin processing) has been the coordinator as well as chief consultant for setting up the two processing units, one for raisins and one for nuts.
Mr Santosh Satam
(A pharmacist with diverse experience in pharmaceutic industry, retail, non-profits and distributorships) has been looking after all regulatory and compliance issues, administration, finance and accounts.

Raj S. Amonkar

Partner–Alliances and Exports

RSA is a business and social entrepreneur since 1990 with interests in Agrotech, Cleantech, Lifelong Learning, and Supply Chain with extensive interactions across Industry, academia and Government.

He founded Cosmos Consultants in 1990, co-founded Cosmos Technologies Pvt. Ltd. In 1996, and Wisdomlab Synergies LLP in 2016 to serve the MSME sector with innovative solutions & services.  Wisdomlab Synergies LLP aspires to market and export best-in-class nutritious food products from India.

Our Architects: Avinash Nawathe Associates, Pune.
Our Structural Engineers: Bal Kulkarni Associates, Pune.
Our PT Slab Consultant: Sameer Sethiya, Pune.
Our Construction Contractors: Sharva Construction Pvt Ltd.


Throughout the process of setting up of the two processings units, we received guidance from the experts from Mondelez India. We are grateful to them for their tips, suggestions and support.